## What Is Bermuda? ![[bermuda-first-look.mp4]] [[Media |Video & Media Page]] Bermuda is an art piece about self-growth, determination, and recognition of external and internal patterns. The medium is a dome-shaped LED ceiling featuring 45 triangular LED fixtures. Bermuda is also an open-source project where the documentation should be enough to **"build your own LED dome"**. If you've ever wanted to build a project with 25,000 LEDs but haven't known how, this documentation should point you in the right direction. The triangular LED fixtures attach to [3V 5/8 domes](http://www.domerama.com/calculators/3v-geodesic-dome-calculator/) via bungie cables. These are designed to be relatively cheap (around $100 per panel) and flexible enough to fit different panel arrangements on different structures. Bermuda also exists as a "sound camp", with visuals synced to live and prerecorded music. ## System Design [ Computer Setup ] => [ 6 Enclosures ] => [ Panels ] A computer connects to the network to send out LED data. Each enclosure has an IP address. Each enclosure supplies power and data for 8 panels. Up to 5 panels can be daisy-chained together from one power/data connection to the enclosure. ## Computer Setup Runs on Resolume 7.18 and TouchDesigner 2023.11510. [[Sending Content to the Panels]] [[Automation with TouchDesigner]] ## Enclosures [[Enclosures]] - what parts are needed; power management. how do we identify / orient the enclosures? how do we orchestrate the LED data? ## Panels [[Electronics]] - i.e. what wiring is needed specifically for each panel & how to solder those connections [[Building the Triangle Panels]] [[Build Guide]] - what needs to happen on build day to create the dome? <video autoplay loop> <source src="http://metal-heart.org/static/video/triangle-panels-demo.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video> ## Get Involved Hypnodrome, the team behind Bermuda, is looking for help to bring this project to non-commercial events. Are you emotionally grounded? Organized? Do you have skills or talents related to creating music, handling sound equipment, electricity, and/or building? Are you driven to learn more about any of these skills? Please reach out: [email protected].